Parent volunteers are welcome and encouraged here at New Summit Charter Academy.

The Parent Volunteer Coordinator is Tara Jennings who can be reached at tara.jennings@newsummitcharter.org.

Volunteer Training

We require all volunteers to complete the following:

Volunteer Application   The application should be completed and returned to the Reception Desk at NSCA or emailed to tara.jennings@newsummitcharter.org.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training Quiz

*An in-person training is offered at the beginning of each academic year.

For W.I.N. (What I Need) Time Volunteers:

WIN Time Training Video and Quiz

The full Volunteer Handbook can be viewed here:

Volunteer Training Handbook

Once trainings are complete and the application is reviewed and verified, we will contact your student’s teacher to inform them that you are ready to volunteer.

To CHAPERONE a grade-level field trip, in addition to the aforementioned training, there is a full background check requirement.  This information is located on the last page of the training.

Volunteer opportunities are shared:

〉Lunchroom Volunteer — sign-up is through monthly posts on ParentSquare.

〉Classroom Volunteer, WIN Time Volunteer, and Field Trip Chaperones — your student’s teacher will contact you!