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Uniform Guidlines



The Board of Directors of New Summit Charter Academy has established the overarching dress code policy guidance in JICA-B-NSCA. The elementary and middle school uniform policy, JICA-E-NSCA, is an essential distinction of the NSCA academic culture. Wearing uniforms impacts the school positively by:

  1. fostering a distinct and positive “NSCA Appearance.”
  2. decreasing distractions.
  3. increasing wardrobe equity.
  4. supporting easy identification of visitors or strangers.

Uniforms are mandatory for all NSCA students. Wearing uniforms is intended to promote safety, improve discipline, and enhance the overall learning environment. Proper wear of the uniform also shows pride in oneself and in NSCA. Students are expected to be in uniform from the time they enter the building in the morning until dismissal. After dismissal, students on campus may be out of uniform but must still be modestly and appropriately dressed.

Uniforms must be worn on field trips unless the administration approves otherwise. Uniforms are not required for any evening or weekend activities unless specified by the administration or the activity supervisor.


Parents have the responsibility to ensure that their students arrive at school in the proper uniform. Within the school, the classroom teachers, other staff members, and NSCA administrators who will make final decisions regarding uniform issues will enforce the uniform policy. 

Where to Buy Uniforms:

We understand many of you are looking for the best deals on uniforms and want to know where to buy them. Here is a list of places that our families have suggested and bought from. If you have more suggestions that you think should be added to the list, please let us know!

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