Uniform Guidlines


Please NoteThe following uniform guidelines DO NOT apply to preschool students. Preschool students will not have to wear uniforms.

Pictures are an example only. Uniforms may be purchased from local department stores, Lands End and any other uniform distributor.  We will have listings of acceptable distributors on our website.

Dress codes are in place so that students and teachers can enjoy a community of learning without the distractions that can come from prevailing fashions. As you make your personal uniform selections please use wisdom and good judgment.


  • Polo and Peter Pan Polo styles in navy, grey, white, light blue, light pink, red, and teal. Polos may not have any logos on them (ie. Reebok, Nike, etc.).

If you are purchasing teal or light pink please only purchase from Lands End or from leadershipuniforms.com/newsummit.

  • Buttons are not required on polo or peter pan polo shirts.
  • Button-up shirts are acceptable in light blue and white only.
  • Undergarments should not be visible.
  • Any material or blend may be used for shirts with the exceptions of denim, sheer, or spandex.
  • Shirts must be tucked into pants and skirts.
  • Shirts must be worn under jumpers.
  • Long sleeved polo shirts may be worn as a long-sleeve alternative in coordinating school colors.
  • Turtleneck shirts in navy, grey, white, light blue, light pink, red, or teal may be worn under jumpers or sweaters.

Sweatshirts and Sweaters

Uniform Policy

  • Solid colored (no logos) hoodless, zip-up or pullover sweatshirts and sweaters in school colors (see above) may be worn, with the school logo or plain only. All other outerwear must remain in designated storage areas during the school day.
  • A polo, turtleneck, or button-up shirt must be worn under sweatshirts or sweaters.
  • Solid colored, long-sleeved sweaters, without hoods, can be worn.


  • Navy or khaki colors. Black pants are not permitted.
  • No denim, sweat, or spandex material for pants. Skinny pants and zip-off pants are not allowed.
  • Pockets must be on the inside, no cargo pants.

Uniform Pants

Shorts, Skorts, Skirts, Jumpers, and Capris

Uniform Skirts

  • Shorts, skorts, jumpers, and skirts must be at least to the fingertips when arms are resting at an extended position to the sides of the body.
  • Shorts, skorts, jumpers, and skirts must be navy or khaki (no black) colors.
  • Capris should be uniform material/style.
  • Pockets must be on inside of shorts, skorts, skirts, and capris.
  • Undergarments should not be visible while sitting or standing.

New Summit Uniforms

Leggings and Tights

  • Students must wear socks or tights at all times.
  • Ankle-length leggings may be worn under skirts or jumpers only with coordinating sock color.
  • Leggings should be navy, black, white, or grey only.
  • Leggings may not be worn as pants.
  • Tights may be worn under skirts or jumpers.
  • Socks must be in schools colors, may also include tan, brown or black color.
  • Socks must match each other.


  • Only closed toe and closed heel shoes are permitted. All tennis, athletic, or running shoes may be in any color and may have manufacturer logos on them. They may have patterns, such as plaids, stripes, shapes, etc.; however, they may not be “blinged or lighted” and may not have characters.  
  • Shoelaces must be solid in color and match an accent color in the shoe.
  • Boots and dress shoes may be worn but need to be tan, brown, black, gray and white only.
  • Heels /Soles no higher than one inch and style must be conservative.
  • Heelys are not allowed.
  • Flip flops, beach shoes, crocs, jellies, slippers, swim shoes, shower shoes, or shoes with separated toes may not be worn.

Uniform Accessories and Other Items

  • Girls may wear hair accessories that match uniform colors; no patterns.
  • Boys are welcome to wear ties and bowties in solid colors of our approved school colors. No patterns, only solid colors, please.
  • No hats may be worn in the classroom. Students may wear hats and winter accessories (hats, cloves, coats) out at recess, however, they must be in a conservative style and must be removed as soon as they enter the building.
  • Only two ear piercings are allowed in each ear and no dangling or large hoop-type earrings are allowed.
  • Jewelry other than watches for boys and girls and small earrings may not be worn. No bracelets allowed unless it is a medical bracelet. Necklaces may be worn, but have to be on the inside of the shirt.
  • No other visible body piercings allowed.
  • No gauges or earlobe plugs will be allowed.
  • Visible tattoos and body art are prohibited.
  • Makeup may be worn but must be conservative in nature.
  • Hairstyle and hair color must be conservative in nature. Boys’ hair must not extend below the top of the shirt collar in the back, the bottom of the ears on the sides or the eyebrows in front. If hair does exceed this standard for boys the hair will need to be in a ponytail. No mohawk, faux hawk, symbols, shapes or designs of any kind shaved in the head or anything that inhibits the learning environment is allowed. Hair may be spiked within only an inch of the head. Large hair decorations may not be worn. Bandanas may not be worn. No highlights may be worn that is not in a natural hair color.
  • Belts in brown and black only.
  • Layering shirts can only be in white.
  • No animal ears or tails allowed.

Spirit Days

  • From time to time there may be spirit days that may include the wearing of jeans, costumes, pajamas or other creative themes. Please wear clothing without holes or sheer material. When choosing clothes for these activities please use wisdom and show respect for yourself and others.

Note: Uniform codes are coming, we are having technical difficulties with them right now!!

For those looking for sensory-sensative uniforms please visit our sensory uniform page:

Sensory Uniform & Dress Code

Uniform Violation Consequences 

1st Violation: Verbal warning. The student remains in the classroom.

2nd Violation: Teacher notifies parents of violation and requests their aid in the enforcement of the NSCA uniform policy. The student remains in the classroom. The student may be asked to wear generic or plain clothing for the rest of the day to cover their inappropriate attire. The school will have minimal quantities of appropriate cover-up clothing available.

3rd Violation: Student will be assigned a community service intervention that is up to teacher discretion but may include cleaning in the classroom, extra service in the lunchroom, or cleaning up litter on school property. We expect that all students at NSCA will follow the uniform policy and that if repeated violations are noted then an appropriate intervention may include providing community service that will promote a positive culture.

4th Violation: Student is pulled from the classroom. Office staff notifies parents of violation and asks them to bring appropriate uniform attire to school immediately. Parent and student meet with the administrator, or his designee, and sign a Uniform Violation Report (UVR) and a Uniform Agreement as part of the student’s Uniform Remediation Program. Student returns to the classroom properly attired if possible but will serve a community service intervention for the uniform violation. If the parent is unavailable, a parent must accompany the student to school the following day to complete the UVR.

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