Bell Schedule: (Does not include grade level recess times)

  • First Bell- 7:55
  • School Starts-8:00
  • Lunch and Lunch Recess:
  • Full Day Kindergarten-11:25-11:55
  • 1st Grade – 11:00-11:30
  • 2nd Grade – 11:00 – 11:30
  • 3rd Grade – 11:50-12:20
  • 4th Grade -11:50-12:20
  • 5th Grade – 12:10-12:40
  • 6th Grade – 12:10- 12:40
  • School Ends – 3:00

STUDENT MORNING DROP-OFF TIME: 7:45 AM and not before!

Students should not be dropped off before 7:45 am, as supervision is not provided prior to that time. Parents, please follow marked directional indicators in the school parking lots, which will guide you to the designated drop-off zones.  Student MUST exit the vehicle from the passenger side. Parents, please DO NOT exit your vehicle. Please make sure your children know how to take their seatbelts off on their own. Students may enter the building at 7:45 am and need to be in their seats by 8 am to avoid being tardy. The first bell will ring at 7:55. Late arrival interrupts the learning environment. Consistent late arrivals may lead to a conference with Administration.


Families are to have their carpool family pick up number displayed in the dashboard of their car or hanging from the rearview mirror. (PTO has ordered tags that can be hung on the rearview mirror which is a plastic more durable material.) Each family will be given one tag to hang and one print out card that has identification on the card representing NSCA.  Please DO NOT print your own number. This is for the safety of our students. If you misplace your number or would like additional Tags for other family members, we will sell you another tag for $5.00. If you are having someone else pick up your child, kindly pass the Carpool Tag to the individual who is picking up your child/ren.

Students are to be picked up promptly upon dismissal at 3:00. Students will wait in their classrooms until their carpool number has been called and they will go to their designated pick up zone for pick up where a staff member will assist them.  Older students or the student in the family who is most responsible will go to younger students classroom to pick up the younger sibling and escort them to their vehicle waiting in the designated zone for pick up. Please DO NOT forget your carpool number that is given to you.  If there is someone else picking up your student, they will need your carpool number to pick the child up.


  • Kindergarten and 1st grade:  West Lower Lot (School front door zone)
  • 2nd and 3rd  grade: Upper North Lot
  • 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade: Xfinity Lot


Students may ride bicycles to school, as long as they are proficient enough to be safe. Students must walk the bike once on school grounds and must be parked in the racks provided. Bikes are not to be in the building or the parking lot at any time during schools hours. Once the bikes are in the bike racks they are not to be removed until the student is ready to go home. Each student is responsible for locking his/ her own bike. For safety and liability reasons, in-line/roller skates, shoe skates, and skateboards are not allowed on campus at any time, including when school is not in session.

Parents can walk their child up to the door that is set for their grade or to their classroom in the morning until your child is comfortable with the process. If your child is walking by themselves they may go in any door closest for them to access. For pickup, walkers will be released at 3:00 and they will go outside to meet their parent or walk home. You do not need to check your walker out. Please email your child’s teacher to let them know your child is a walker.

For those who are walking, we only have one main crosswalk. This is very important as we have had parents and children almost hit by cars multiple times while crossing the road anywhere but the crosswalk. In the picture below are the walking patterns in red. If you are coming from the park, you need to go down meadow ridge, cross at the crosswalk and then come back up meadow ridge on the other side. If you live on the other side of Lexington, please do not try to cross Lexington on your own. Instead, walk down Lexington to the light at Union, and cross over through the crosswalk there. We understand that this means more walking for yourselves in your children, but we want our families to be as safe as possible and for right now, this is the safest way for walkers to get home.

Transportation Update


Upcoming Events

october, 2018

27oct3:00 PM7:00 PMFall Festival & Trunk or Treat

30oct5:30 PM7:30 PMBullying ABCs: 3rd-6th Grade Families

31oct10:15 AM10:45 AMHalloween Parade (AM Pre-K and AM Kindergarten)

31oct1:45 PM2:15 PMHalloween Parade (All Grades, PM Pre-K, PM/Full day Kinder)

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At New Summit Charter Academy, we believe that the daily safety of our students, our staff, and our visitors is of the highest priority. We start and end each day with an event that poses one of the highest risks to our campus—the student drop-off and student pick-up process. Our goal is to drive down that risk to the lowest level possible, and we need the cooperation of students, staff, parents, and all other on-campus drivers to make that happen.

Where to Drop Off and Pick Up
We have divided the school drop-off and pick-up process into three different areas, based on student grade level. This allows us to efficiently and safely get all of our students into and out of the school. Each area includes a drop-off and pick-up safety zone, which is protected from vehicle movement and supervised by our staff members. As shown below, the three areas are the Lower Lot, the Upper Lot, and the Xfinity Lot. Students should be dropped off in the appropriate lot based on their grade level. Vehicles with multiple students of more than one grade should drop off students in the lot associated with the youngest student in the vehicle.

The Flow to Show and Go

Each lot uses a counter-clockwise flow to enter the lot, approach the safety zone, and exit the lot. The Lower Lot and Upper Lot both have white directional arrows painted on the asphalt showing drivers the way. Drivers must follow the
flow and monitor speed at all times.

Watch Out, Look Out, and Yield

You will be joining hundreds of other vehicles in the morning and afternoon, all trying to do the same thing—drop off and pick up their kids. Mixed in with this rush-hour scenario are dozens of kids walking to and from school. Drivers should be vigilant by  looking out for the pedestrians—specifically kids—and avoiding distractions. Talking on cellphones or using hand-held devices will not be allowed in the lots. Staff will monitor the drop off and pick-up zones for compliance in the interest of safety.

A Safe Speed is a Slow Speed

The expected speed limit is 10 mph or slower in the lots, and 5 mph in the drop-off and pick-up zones. In the interest of safety, staff will monitor the drop-off and pick-up zones for compliance.

Turn Only Sign

Be Right, Exit Right

When exiting any of the parking lots, all vehicles will make right turns on Meadow Ridge Dr. This allows for a smooth flow of traffic on Meadow Ridge Dr. and Lexington Dr. for all vehicle traffic visiting the school or passing by. Drivers can get back to N. Union Blvd easily by taking two right turns to get on to Lexington Dr., and entering Union Blvd from there.

Be a Part of our Culture of Safety

At New Summit Charter Academy we are committed to a new atmosphere of protection encasing our culture of safety. This strategy ensures our students, staff, and all visitors are protected from hazards through sound risk management. This strategy starts every day with the arrival of our staff and students, and continues through the safe departure of everyone at the end of each day. Parents play an integral part in that success.

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