New Summit
Building a safe educational community that emphasizes a love of learning, and inspires and empowers students to reach New Summits.


"The staff has far exceeded any hope/expectation I have ever had/wanted in a school environment for my children. If you are still unsure about this school or on the fence of bringing your children. Just know that even if the end of the year came and my children had learned absolutely nothing and done nothing to better themselves as human beings (which we all know would never happen with these teachers!) I would still send them to New Summit. Why? Because I would know that at the end of every day my children would come home with their hearts so filled with love and knowing that not just their teacher, but an entire staff loves and respects them so completely! How do I know this? Because when I left that building today I felt it! Within an hour of being there, they made me feel so many great things! I left feeling understood, wanted and truly loved simply by the staff's presence."
"Though I’ve only been involved with New Summit for the last 10 months, I have witnessed the great soul and perseverance that is at the heart of all that have worked incredibly hard these last two years to make this dream come true. I am so proud of the core New Summit team and unbelievably amazed by the new staff. We’ve homeschooled for the past four years. Up until I learned of NSCA, I had too many reservations to send my girls to a public school. When I did finally hear about (NSCA) and listened to the vision and plan, I was impressed. Impressed enough to jump in with involvement and enrollment. To say I am pleased with the fruition and the final result is an understatement. I am elated by what I’ve seen."
Billie Jo
After what we now know, we jump at the opportunity to join New Summit. It’s kinda like TCA with Core Knowledge; however, different in its approach in teaching and programs offered. This School is invested in Academics and the overall well-being of the child too. It supports the needs of each individual child with Certified Teachers, best security system in D20, a Gifted and Talented program, Special Services and the program Capturing a Child’s Heart - which is all about teachable moments vs. harsh punishments. The leadership is excellent in my opinion, will be equally apart of the huge success of this school! By setting the example that the overall well-being of a child matters, not just the business of test scores. You're choosing to be a part of a better community and culture.
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