Supplemental Educational Tools

Supplemental educational tools are additional instruction designed to increase the academic achievement of students needing improvement or who feel the summer slump.  These services may include academic assistance such as tutoring, remediation, and other educational interventions.  Supplemental services are provided outside the regular school day and are not necessarily provided by New Summit Charter Academy.

Contact the personnel identified in the supplemental educational information flyer, link, or logo below for information regarding their services.

ABCya! is a colorful website with teacher-approved number games for grades K-6. is a bare-bones site that helps explain many math concepts, gives practice questions, and even has math games.
Khan Academy is great for parents looking for short, informative videos to help their students grasp complex concepts. While the free website can help with many subjects, the math portions seem especially helpful, offering a comprehensive set of grade-appropriate math courses for kids.
XtraMath: Quick math fact (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) practice!
DreamBox is a fantastic math resource for kids K-8 to practice math concepts and skills–they’re offering a 90-day free trial for parents!

Tips to Help Your Kids with Math
Here are six simple questions that you can use to support your kids with their math homework:
• “How do you know?”
• “Convince me”
• “Explain that, please.”
• “Prove it”
• “Draw a picture”
• and the simplest of all, “Why?”
Each question is designed to put the thinking work on the child, helping them to see their way through a problem that has stumped, and to potentially help you identify the specific areas of struggle or misunderstanding.  When it come to homework, the answer is far less important than the questions kids are asking to get there.  And as a parent, the prompts you give your kids to steer them toward those questions can make all the difference.

TumbleBooks offers free ebooks through your local library
Libby, by OverDrive App
Overdrive offers free ebooks and audiobooks through your local library
CommonLit is a website where kids can practice reading and answering questions on their level!
ReadWorks has leveled fiction and nonfiction resources for scholars on all topics!
Vooks provides storybooks read out loud by teachers!  They offer a one-month free trial.
Caribu is an app that lets kids enjoy virtual story time with grandparents and other friends and family members living apart from one another.  Subscriptions are currently free.

Be a reading coach!  Use these questions to discuss books with your student:
• Look back across the chapter/section/page.  What is it mostly about?
• What does this make you think?  Why?
• Which details support the idea that (main idea)?
• Why does (event) happen?
• What are some problems the character is having?
• How has (character) changed?
• Describe the relationship between (character) and (character).
• What lesson does (character) learn by the end of the story?
• What is the most important idea you learned from reading this book?

The Interactive Simulations site provides interactive models to explore math and science concepts by grade level or subject.
National Geographic Kids
Take Flight Tutoring  Karen Devine:

Take A Trip to the Zoo Watch live streams of the Monterey Zoo or Georgia Aquarium to get your animal fix.  Then, head to the San Diego Zoo site for fun activities, games, videos, and more!
Practice Your Yoga Moves Get moving and stretching with this fun Trolls-themed Cosmic Kids Yoga Course.
Start a New Podcast Browse through the Kids Listen Podcast App to listen to kid-friendly stories, science snippets, history lessons, interviews, and discussions on current events.
Enjoy a Broadway Play Want to experience Broadway from your home?  Head to BroadwayHD to watch your favorite musical or play.  The streaming service offers a 7-day free trial to enjoy as many plays as you want in that time!
 Take a Trip to a Farm Farm Food 360 allows kids to virtually explore a farm, including its pigs, minks, cows, eggs, apples, and much more!
 Try Out a New Recipe Learn to cook your favorite meal by joining the ChopChop Cooking Club!  Available online or through the App Store, you and your family can enjoy several cooking challenges, recipes, tutorials, and more!
 Explore the Met Head to The MetKids website to explore the museum, go back in time to learn more about ancient artifacts, watch videos, and more!
See the Boston Children’s Museum See the Boston Children’s Museum at home.
Have Lunch with Mo! Mo Willems invites kids into his studio every day for his Lunch Doodle!  Join him to draw, doodle, and explore new ways of writing by visiting Mo’s Studio Virtually.
Visit the Smithsonian The Smithsonian for Kids site has several virtual tours of exhibits, fun activities, games, videos, and more!
Challenge Your Friends to Build Something Check out these 15 Engineering Challenges to set up challenges between friends.  Share pictures and/or videos of finished projects to see who could build the best structure.

Audible Stories offers free service for kids as long as school is out.

Resources for Student Support

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