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Special Education

New Summit Special Education Services

New Summit Charter Academy offers Special Education for students who have been identified and currently have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or may be identified to receive services after school has started and been through our MTSS process. We contract for IEP services through Academy District 20 for all IEP service needs.  All Academy District 20 rules and policies apply as it relates to IEP enrollment and services. 

NSCA has adopted a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) for all struggling students. Following state guidelines regarding MTSS implementation, NSCA’s framework emphasizes monitoring student progress via teacher observation and formative assessments and informal assessments, utilizing problem-solving teams to design evidence-based interventions within a multi-tiered system of supports. Parent involvement is also an integral part of the MTSS process.

NSCA also understands that the identification of students with disabilities is both a legal and ethical responsibility that can occur even when a student is involved with the MTSS system. Specifically, NSCA initiates the special education eligibility process (including parental consent and necessary diagnostic testing by qualified staff) at any time when a disability is suspected. NSCA consults with the district in efforts to monitor and improve the overall effectiveness of the MTSS framework.  NSCA adheres to the district, state, and federal requirements regarding special education, 504, FERPA, FAPE, as well as, student health, including the process and procedures for immunizations, record keeping, vision and hearing screens, health care plans, medication administration, and student illnesses. 

Periodic reviews of staffing needs are conducted regularly and updated as necessary with approval from the District. Depending on the type and quantity of service hours, paraprofessionals may be employed, with approval from the District. NSCA  provides a level of services to students with disabilities whose needs can be met in a regular classroom environment with the provision of reasonable supplementary supports, services, modifications, and accommodations determined by the IEP team at the beginning of the school year.

Our Special Education services are framed around the intent of the inclusion model, meaning all students are mainstreamed into the classroom to the highest extent possible (LRE 80% or more inside the general education setting) and utilizes an array of supports to include: Curricular/Instructional Accommodations or Specialized Instructional Strategies, Behavior Supports, Supplementary Instruction, In-class Assistive Resource Programs, Assistive Technology, Integrated Therapy, Teacher Aides, Consultation and in-class co-teaching arrangements. Accommodations are made to the instructional strategies or testing procedures or other specialized instruction to access the general education curriculum in accordance with the student’s IEP.

Effective strategies we use might include: frontloading of information, taking picture walks, concept-building, posting labeled visuals, highlighting selectively, using visuals to develop vocabulary. When working with text, effective strategies might include paraphrasing, using visual enhancements, multimedia presentations, and dramatization. When addressing literacy development and assessments, an effective strategy might consist of: using graphic organizers, cloze paragraphs, graphic depictions, and frame writing, conducting cooperative learning activities, shared writing and administering pictorial tests.

Please contact Cindy Helling our lead resource teacher at if you have any questions regarding our Special Education services. 

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