Universal Preschool funding may be available to assist with tuition costs.

New Summit Preschool offers meaningful play and a developmentally appropriate curriculum for children ages 3-5. Our mission is to build a safe, educational community that emphasizes a love of learning and empowers students to reach New Summits!

Our learning program is designed to nurture children’s cognitive, social, physical, and social-emotional skills with a curriculum capitalizing on their natural curiosity. Experienced, caring teachers create a safe learning space and use a variety of approaches to help support growth in all developmental and content areas.

Because preschool is perhaps the first time your child will be separated from you and familiar surroundings, we will help him or her develop appropriate ways of relating to new friends and other adults, to share, and to develop self-control and responsibility in a safe, warm, loving environment.

We strive to maintain open communication between home and school, and parents are invited to visit the school at any time.

Playful Learning

Children are naturally creative, and we offer ample opportunities to expand their creativity through play, art, and music. Playful learning also focuses on language development, number concepts, and reading readiness.

Fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination are developed through finger plays, puzzles, manipulative toys, and art activities. Sensory discrimination experiences are provided by comparing and contrasting colors, shapes, and sizes. Large muscles are developed through running, skipping, jumping, and creative movement.

Teachers use classroom observations and assessments to help create age-appropriate learning for children at all levels.


Serving families to enable children to reach their full potential.


Every child becomes a productive member of their communities.


Preschool Director:
Jenna Metz