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All About Middle School

Middle school has five/six periods of core classes that include:

Math Students are tested before school starts for math placement.

Math curriculum includes Eureka Math2

English Language Arts (ELA) Amplify Core Knowledge Arts
Science Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence
History/Geography Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence
Character & Leadership

Life Skills

Leadworthy from the Flippen Group

Ramsey Education Based (Grades 7th & 8th)


Students are assigned to a homeroom, the class they start in each day. The homeroom teacher they are assigned is the main teacher to answer questions and communicate events and assignments.


Semester-long course

Middle School Art I is a visual arts course open to all students. This introductory course is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore the use of art-making materials while learning about the elements and principles of visual design. Students will also participate in discussions about art history and art critique and practice the processes artists use to create a variety of artworks. Students will explore an assortment of art materials throughout the semester. Additionally, students will reflect upon the process and outcome of these experiences, explore historical connections, make presentations, and participate in class critiques about their progress. Students may learn about art movements and styles, including Classical, Gothic, Rococo, Neoclassical, Romantic, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Architecture.

Semester-long course

Middle School Art II is a visual arts course for grades 7-8th. This continued visual arts course is designed to allow students to continue to build their skills and knowledge from Art I. Students will be able to dive deeper into more advanced art processes and materials. Students will participate in more in-depth discussions on art history, social and cultural influences on artistic movements/styles, and make presentations on learning. Art movements and styles students may learn about include but are not limited to Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Abstraction, 20th-Century Photography and Sculpture, Contemporary Art, and Post-Modern Architecture.

Prerequisite: Art 1

Year-long course

This elective is a whole year class and is designed to provide students with an enriching and diverse instrumental music education by performing music of various genres and time periods. Students must provide their own brass or woodwind instrument and needed supplies. The class will focus on the following areas of music education: 

  • Exercises to develop music reading skills (note names, counting, etc.)  
  • Exercises to facilitate good tone and breathing technique.  
  • Skills to develop technique and facility on your instrument (scales, arpeggios, etc.)  
  • Time daily to support the muscle memory needed perform on an instrument.  
  • Performance etiquette (behavior and dress)  
  • Listening and group performance skills (analyzing, problem solving, teamwork)

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Semester-long course

Choir I is beginning middle school choir. It will be comprised of majority 6th graders and those in upper grades who did not have a chance to take Choir I in 6th grade and desire to move forward in choir. In Choir I, students will learn the basics of choir: reading note names and rhythms, understanding melodic intervals, singing solfege syllables, learning how to properly breathe from our diaphragm, singing with tall vowels, and more. We will focus on implementing music theory and technique skills into the music we sing, and by the end of the semester, students will be able to sing in harmony with one another. They will put on a Holiday Concert in December and a Spring Concert in May to showcase their skills.

Year-long course

Choir II is an intermediate choir comprised of most 7th and 8th-grade students who have taken and passed Choir I. In Choir II, students will build on the skills they learned in Choir I; learning songs with more advanced rhythms and intricate harmonies, perfecting musical intervals, and expanding on their music theory and ear training. Students will take these skills and implement them into the music we sing. By the end of the semester, students will be able to sing in more advanced harmony with one another, holding strong to their own vocal parts. They will put on a Holiday Concert in December and a Spring Concert in May to showcase their skills.

Prerequisite: Choir 1

Semester-long course

Home Economics will include a kitchen unit, a sewing unit, and several DIY projects.  Our kitchen unit will cover topics such as food and kitchen safety, measuring, and several recipes.  The sewing unit will touch on measuring, hand stitching, sewing machine parts, and usage.  DIY may include projects like tie-dye, tie blankets, or a holiday-themed project.

Semester-long course

Martial Arts is an ancient discipline that focuses on Self-Discipline, Self-Defense, and Character Development. Many nations throughout history have adopted martial arts into their schools’ youth programs to discipline and teach respect. In this program, students will learn the keys to being successful throughout their lives as well as the skills necessary to defend themselves and live a peaceful life.

Semester-long course

This class will continue developing the student’s martial arts and self-defense skills. It will also be moving the student into more challenging roles of higher-level techniques, teaching the basics of leadership, and training others. Students in this class will be given opportunities to lead small groups of students under supervision. Students in this program will be expected to be an example to others in attitude, effort, and understanding.

Prerequisite: Martial Arts 1

Semester-long course

Physical Education will focus on providing cognitive context and instruction designed to develop motor skills, knowledge, and behaviors for physical activity and physical fitness. This class will focus on introducing students to a variety of individual sports and recreational activities, as well as learning various forms of exercise.

Semester-long course

Team Sports will provide cognitive context and instruction to develop motor skills, knowledge, and behaviors for physical activity and fitness and teach sports fundamentals. This class will focus on introducing students to various individual sports and recreational activities and learning multiple forms of exercise.

Semester-long course

Student Government is designed to develop quality student leaders and foster a positive school atmosphere by setting an example to others and helping NSCA create a caring and accepting community.  Student Government is in charge of planning and orchestrating events. Students will actively learn leadership and life skills through service learning, group work, and the planning/facilitating of various school and community activities.  A strong commitment and ability to follow through is a must.

Year-long course

Students will work on creating the New Summit Charter Academy yearbook. Students will learn the basics of camera usage and photography while taking photos of events throughout the school. Basic principles of yearbook production, such as layout and page design, will be taught. Students must use the cameras, computers, and yearbook software appropriately. There will be an emphasis on staying organized, working as a team, and meeting deadlines. After the yearbook is completed, students will complete a small research project.

*Electives are always tentative to change depending on staffing.

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