Middle School

All About Middle School

Middle school has five periods of core classes that include:

Math Students are tested before school starts for math placement.

Math curriculum includes Dimensions and Primary Mathematics with a Singapore Math approach. Students will also learn Pre-Algebra.

English Language Arts Curriculum includes Core Knowledge with an emphasis on the Socratic Method and a blend of ELA.
Social Studies Core Knowledge Curriculum
Science Core Knowledge Curriculum
Character & Leadership

Life Skills

Leadworthy from the Flippen Group

Ramsey Education Based (Grades 7th & 8th)


Students are assigned to a homeroom which will be the class they start in each day. The homeroom teacher they are assigned is the main teacher to answer questions and communicate events and assignments.

Study Hall:

Students have study hall time which they can use to make up tests, talk with their teachers, and do homework. They also are able to choose one elective class per semester. They are able to go to this class every day.


Choir is a year-long elective starting in the first semester and into the second semester. Students will learn the fundamentals of sight-singing, reading music, harmony, blending, and following a conductor.

Band is a year-long elective starting in the first semester and into the second semester. Students will learn the fundamentals of reading music, following a conductor, and proper playing techniques for instruments.  Instrument rental is required.

Students will be studying and creating art from Ancient Greece and Rome, Gothic Art, The Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, Romantic, Realism, impressionism, expressionism, and abstract periods. Several different mediums will be used in creating art pieces.

This course provides students with the opportunity to learn a variety of sports, and sport-related movements as well as health and fitness concepts.  Emphasis is placed on active participation and positive social interaction during fitness and sports activities.

This elective is designed to teach students how to create and produce our NSCA yearbook. Students will focus on the elements of the purpose of a yearbook, developing a theme, creating layouts and designs, photography, writing, and editing.  Students will also participate in the marketing and sales of the yearbook.

Semester-long elective that will teach all stages of newspaper creation: pitching a story, scheduling and holding interviews, writing, revising, and newspaper design. We’ll explore how newspapers decide what is news-worthy and how they form the information for specific purposes and audiences. We will compare the basic structure of news articles, feature stories, and opinion/editorials. Students will also learn interview skills and basic photography to use in their reporting.

Semester-long course offered to grades 6-8. Technology will familiarize the students with the resources of technology, technology systems, and the evolution of technology. Students will be taught the design process and use it to explore the concept of design. They will be introduced to common materials and processes as they challenge themselves to solve innovative problems.

A semester-long course that will train students (grades 6-8) how to utilize the power of their body and muscles to deliver powerful attacks to drive opponents back. Karate is easy to learn and the techniques involved are simple. This is a beginner’s introduction to karate and present styles focusing on different approaches to the sport.

Semester-long course currently only offered to our 7th graders for the first semester and 8th-grade students, the second semester. Home Economics will teach life skills, such as etiquette, babysitting, and getting along with others will be incorporated into this class. The cooking for this class may include baking and quick meals.

Year-long elective.  Student Government is a student-based civic organization designed to help promote school spirit and leadership among students.

Students will maintain a high standard of personal conduct.  Members will demonstrate leadership qualities by serving as good examples of behavior through their words and actions.

All members will be expected to participate in approved activities, which will serve to enhance the quality of both the physical and behavior environment of the school.

The purpose of student government is:

  1. To develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship.
  2. To promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school.
  3. To improve student/faculty relationships.
  4. To improve school morale and general welfare.
  5. To provide a forum for student expression.
  6. To plan special events or projects.

Benefits of being involved in student government include: opportunity to improve reading and writing skills, gain experience in public speaking, and learn how to make a positive impact on school and community environment.  In addition, Student Government serves as a chance to meet new friends and work with a wide variety of people.

Objectives of the Student Government are to:

  1. Provide a democratic form in which students can address those school related issues, which affect their lives.
  2. Maintain open communication between students and school staff.
  3. Train students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship.

Students must be very responsible people who are willing to work hard.   As student government members you will be called to serve other students by representing their issues.  The council does not have the power to change policies, only to voice student opinions.

Student government will be involved in many community minded projects.

  1. School beautification.  Clean up, painting, repairing, etc.
  2. Community service.  Food drives, recycling projects, coat drives.
  3. Student opinion polls, etc.

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