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Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is for parents to receive student information including grades, attendance, emails, and more. Please click the button to go to the login page:

If you are not receiving our emails or you are having trouble logging on, please review these steps:

  1. Check your spam mail to make sure you are not missing our emails.
  2. Search your mailboxes to make sure you did not miss an email and add this email address:
  3. If you check these two items and cannot find any emails from us, please search and find the email you received when you enrolled your child at the district. It will have this subject line: Academy District 20 Student Registration Account.
  4. Once you find that email, you will see your registration login and password to login to Infinite Campus (D20’s Parent Notification System).
  5. To login, go to D20’s main website: Click “Parents” and then click “Parent/Student Infinite Campus Log-in”. You should see a screen that looks like this:
  1. Use the login information that was given to you in the original registration email. If you are having issues logging in, click “Problems Logging In”. You MUST contact D20 directly:

7. Once you have logged in to Infinite Campus, please go to “Personal Contact Information” and make sure your email address is there and that all boxes are check as seen below:

Still not Getting our Emails?

Click here for instructions on how to fix your email deliverability issues.

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