House of Yetis

As part of New Summit’s community culture, we have incorporated a student and staff “house” program based on the award-winning Ron Clark Academy’s “House of Colors.” Since our mascot is the Yeti, we call it “House of Yetis.” The house program helps us achieve higher positivity among our staff, students, and families. It allows us to put our school’s core principles into effect and integrate them into our culture.

We want our staff, students, parents, and even our local community to connect with, develop relationships with, and invest in each other. Our goal is to develop a system where EVERY student has a place to belong, be supported, and be successful. This will make our school community stronger.

House of Yetis

House Name: Miche
House Origin: Tibet
Character Trait: Leadership
Motto: “Know the way, go the way, show the way.”

House Name: Migo
House Origin: Tibet
Character Trait: Friendship
Motto: “Be a friend, have a friend.”

House Name: Mirka
House Origin: Himalayas
Character Trait: Perseverance
Motto: “Failure is not fatal.”

House Name: Bun Manchi
House Origin: Nepal
Character Trait: Courage
Motto: “Courageous is contagious.”

House Name: Dzu-Teh
House Origin: Himalayas
Character Trait: Creativity
Motto: “The future is ours to create.”

House Name: Yowie
House Origin: Australia
Character Trait: Compassion
Motto: “You will never walk alone.”

The house system is a traditional feature of schools in England. The school is divided into sub-units called “houses,” and each student is assigned a house, providing a focus on loyalty. Houses may participate in a friendly competition to earn gold coins for their house.

We want to develop a system where EVERY student has a place to belong, be supported, and be successful. This will make our school community stronger. How are houses sorted? New students and staff are randomly sorted into houses. There are 6 houses, each with a specific character trait and a name relating to Yetis, our mascot.

Houses compete against each other using a token point system. Tokens can be awarded to students who go above and beyond in the classroom and with their peers. Each quarter, the house with the most tokens wins the House Championship.

Each house has students and staff from all areas of the school. House members are able to get to know each other through meetings and house events. Students also have the opportunity to be mentors to their peers.

No, house selection is random in order to give students the opportunity to meet and form relationships with staff and peers they might not otherwise, interact with on a daily basis.

No, they will stay with their house for their entire time at New Summit. This is important for building community and lasting connections.

Yes, parents will be able to order a house shirt at various times during the school year.

No, points can only be given, not taken away; this is not a behavior management system.

No, houses are for staff and students; however, you are welcome to show support for your child’s house by participating in spirit events.

The house selection process is random, although siblings may end up in the same house depending on the selection process.