Elementary School (Kindergarten – 5th)


We know choosing a school for your little one can be tough, but we are so excited that you are considering New Summit Charter Academy! We offer tuition-free Kindergarten for your convenience.

Kindergarten FAQs

Your Kindergartener must be five years old by August 15th.  Kindergarteners must have been born on or before this date in order to meet the age requirement to enroll in Kindergarten.  We know that some students will fall after that date and not be admitted.  This cut-off date is consistent with Academy District 20 and the Colorado Department of Education.

No, not for the 2023-2024 school year.

Kindergartners have three recess times (morning, lunch, and afternoon).  Lunch recess is 20 minutes and the other two are 15 minutes.

Learn more about our enrollment process by visiting our enrollment page or clicking here.

Elementary: Kindergarten - 5th Grade

  • Kindergarten classes have a max of 20 students.
  • First grade classes have a max of 22 students.
  • Second through fifth grade has a max of 25 students per class.

At the beginning of the school year, we may have up to three students per class over the max ratio due to the beginning of the year attrition. With our TA’s and Instructional staff, New Summit as a whole has an average ratio of 20:1 for each grade.

1st – 3rd grade have 3 recess times (morning, lunch, and afternoon). Lunch recess is 20 minutes and the other two are 15 minutes.

4th and 5th have 2 recess times – a 15 minute morning recess and a 20 minute lunch recess.

At this time, kindergartners and grades 1st through 5th will receive “specials”.  Specials include Art, Music, P.E., and Library.  Middle School has two student-selected electives each semester.  Middle School electives include Choir, Band, Art, Team Sports, Yearbook, Student Government, Technology, Martial Arts, and Home Economics.

Yes, our students have a dress code so that they can enjoy a community of learning without the distractions that can come from prevailing fashions. Uniforms have been found to help with the overall climate of respect, they foster more of a tendency to focus on faces, not clothing, and are surprisingly helpful with budgeting and wardrobe planning. With less focus on name brands and standing out, parents often can spend less on clothing. For more information, please see our uniform guidelines.

New Summit Charter Academy uses the Core Knowledge Curriculum for all core subjects for grades K-8, including Core Knowledge Language Arts through Amplify.  Science, History/Geography use Scope and Sequence.  For Math, we use Eureka Math2.  For more information on our curriculums, please click here.

Yes, we do use phonics and consider it vital for learning how to read. Phonics is integrated into everything they do throughout kindergarten and the Core Knowledge curriculum is the basis of that along with Zoo Phonics. For more examples and to dive deeper into how it is used in the classroom you can check out the curriculum Scope and Sequence along with downloading more information on the Core Knowledge website.

Yes, students with an IEP or 504 will be able to attend and receive services that are written into their IEP or 504. Your child’s IEP MUST be reviewed prior to acceptance regardless of the district in which you reside. Currently, NSCA contracts with Academy District 20 and follows their program policies and regulations. If your student has had an IEP within the last 3 years, we ask that you submit this document to our registrar prior to acceptance.

If you are a new enrollment, our school counselor will review your  student’s 504 and, in some cases, schedule a meeting with your family, to  ensure that your student’s needs can be met at our school ASD20 and NSCA review all new student IEP’s to ensure all services in the IEP can be met. Your student’s enrollment will be considered pending until this review process is complete. If we are able to accept your student, you will receive additional instructions from our registrar on how to complete the enrollment process.

Cursive handwriting is taught in third grade.