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Art to Finish Art Classes

Art to Finish Art Classes

Affordable Art Classes for Kids in Colorado Springs

Art to Finish

It can be difficult to find things to do in Colorado Springs with kids when it comes to art and art classes. 

  1. Art classes can be expensive. Not everyone can afford the price tag of multiple months of art classes.
  2. Sometimes when you sign up for art classes, you realize the class has been filled for months. Now you’re back to the drawing board trying to find a nother fun art program for your kids that doesn’t break the bank.

That’s why Art to Finish Art Classes are the best choice for an affordable program in Colorado Springs for your little artists!

Art Classes Designed for All Ages.

Art to Finish multi-age art classes is great for busy families. Save time by sending your kids to the same class. Since our classes focus on art foundations, each student will be practicing art concepts at an age-appropriate skill level using differentiated instruction. Every artist, young and old, will learn to use the elements of design in any piece of art they create.

Every month we will focus on an element of design, a famous artist, and create unique pieces of art. Although not required, students will be encouraged to enter art shows and competitions. Students will often be permitted to choose their own subject matter students will discover which art mediums are their favorite while learning formal art techniques.

Elephant Art
Pineapple Art

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  • Monday Dates: 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11
  • Tuesday Dates: 1/22, 1/29, 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26

How Long: 6 Weeks
Time: 3:05-4:05 PM
Cost: $90.00

Taught by one of New Summit’s art teachers, Claire Santellana, these classes will focus on the elements of design and will enable students to work in a variety of art mediums!

Call Claire at 719-722-4115 or email: to register.

Art to Finish Studio LLC
PO BOX 62156
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

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