Encouraging Students to Dream Big in 2020!

Dream Big in 2020

“A big dream is a bold vision for the future.” 

This year at New Summit, we are challenging kids to work hard, dream big, and never give up. As adults we probably all set goals for the new year, but rarely do we encourage our kids to do the same. Here are 4 ways we are encouraging students to dream big in 2020!

4 Ways to Help Students Dream BIG

1. We Want Them to Feel Like They Belong.
When in school, students want to feel like they are important. They have a need to belong and be a part of something big. We help them feel like they belong at our school through our House of Yetis program, through our character education program, and through our no-tolerance policy of bullying.

Also, because we are planning on being a K-12 school, students will belong to the same school for all 12 years. They will grow up with the same friends, teachers, and staff members. This will also help them feel like they belong.

2. We Want Them to Feel Like They Can and Will Succeed.
One of our “We Believe” statements says, “We Believe: That all children are able to learn, and deserve a positive caring environment to do it in, regardless of race, creed, color or religion.” We want each and every student to succeed whether it be in academics and acquiring knowledge or succeeding in life.

3. We Want Them to Be Successful. 
At New Summit, we believe that success in education comes from raising what is expected of students, parent, and schools, not lowering it. We believe in high standards and holding students accountable. We also know that a life-long pursuit of knowledge is crucial to success, and that teaching children to love to learn is critical to causing that to happen.

4. We Want Them to Feel Like They Can do Big Things.
We wants students to know that they are meant for something BIG. That they can do or be anything they set their mind to. We want students to know that we believe they can and will be presidents, doctors, singers, engineers, and more! We will help push them toward their BIG dreams and goals.

If you would like to help your student dream big this year, print out the worksheet below to do at home. What other ways do YOU help your child dream big?


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