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October Count and Spirit Days

October Count Window: 25 September – 9 October 2019
“Count Day”: 2 October 2019

  • What is October Count?
    October Count (2 October 2019) is the day when Colorado Public Schools are required to count and report the number of actively enrolled students, who attend classes at their school. Schools report their findings to their designated school districts, who then submit all of the collected data to the Colorado Department of Education. Students>Schools>District>State(CDE)>Funds
  • Why is October Count Important?
    October Count is important because the CDE provides funds to both schools and school districts based on the number of students who are actively enrolled and attending classes on count day.
  • What can I do to help October Count run smoothly?
    The easiest way you can help with October Count is to send your student to school. We’re not asking, nor do we want you to, send your student to school if he/she is ill, but if you have to make an appointment for your student, we ask that you keep the above dates in mind. Your child should be attending school daily regardless, but from 25 September – 9 October 2019 we ask that you limit the time you remove your child from school.

What if my child is sick or has an appointment during the Count Window?
If your student is sick or has an appointment during the Count Window and especially on Count Day, we must prove to the CDE that your student has attended school before and after their absence. If your student is not at school for any reason during the Count Window, if you have not already, please contact our Registrar, Jessica Sombke at regarding your student’s absence, as you may need to complete additional paperwork about your student’s absence.

For any additional questions, please contact Jessica Sombke at

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