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New Summit Charter will deliver an academically rigorous yet warm and caring environment, partnering with parents to prepare productive members of society, while instilling a lifetime love of learning. We will be using a classical approach to our academics which means it will be based on grammar, rhetoric, and logic.

At New Summit Charter Academy we use the Core Knowledge Curriculum. This curriculum is based on the writings of Professor E.D. Hirsch at the University of Virginia. The Core Knowledge Foundation’s dedication is expressed in our mission:

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Character Trait PurposePurpose is our reason why. It is the reason that we make the decisions that we do. Purpose is the motivation behind the choices that we make. Purpose is the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something. Purpose is the aim or goal behind everything that we do. 

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YetiAs you already know, our New Summit school mascot is the YETI. Several staff members have already bought some Yeti books for their offices, but we wanted to give you some suggestions for some Yeti books you can read at home to your kids to help them get to know our new mascot!

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Art Classes Colorado SpringsThroughout New Summit Charter Academy, you will find social contracts. Even the staff took the time to complete an agreement on standards of behavior. This invaluable tool is effective in classroom behavior management and clearly defines the roles of the individuals that agree to follow it. The art room’s social contract is rather large as it has all of the student’s signatures from K-3.

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IdentityIdentity is about who we are as individuals and who we are as part of our larger community. Identity answers the question of what we stand for, what we believe in, and who we connect with. Identity includes the qualities that make us who we are and the characteristics that make us different from others.

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