Summer Reading List for Grades K-6

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Summer Reading

It’s the beginning of summer break and we know that many parents look for good summer reading lists for their little ones. While there are many many great books out there for kids to read here are some great suggestions from E.D. Hirsch‘s Core Knowledge Curriculum. We hope your kids find this list to be a great start to their summer!

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K-6 Summer Reading List


Kindergarten & First Grade Summer Reading List:

These book suggestions are from Hirsch’s What Your Kindergartner Should Know, but they are good for both Kindergarteners and First Graders to get a platform of rhyming, cadence, and vocabulary.

Second Grade Summer Reading List:

The following books can either be read to the students or the students can read them by themselves.

Third Grade Summer Reading List:

Fourth Grade Summer Reading List:

Fifth Grade Summer Reading List:

Sixth Grade Summer Reading List:

One more important thing…

To judge if a book is at a student’s reading level, parents can use The Five Finger Rule. If a book is too difficult for a child to read, it is fine if a parent reads some or all of it to the child. For many of the books listed above, there may be various editions available at differing reading levels.
Summer Reading List
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