The Quest for 2018 Begins

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We often use our Facebook page to make announcements initially. This was our post regarding the decision on 3/20/17 by the New Summit board to honor its commitment to drop the appeal process with the Colorado State Board of Education and pursue the promised expedited charter application process for Fall of 2018 with School District 20.


Here is the full text if you are not on Facebook:

Today New Summit will be formally withdrawing its appeal to the state, per our agreement with D20. We will be beginning discussions with the district on what the accelerated review schedule will look like for a 2018 opening. More details on that will be announced within the next 2 weeks This also means that we will in all likelihood need to find a new location.
If you have not taken the survey yet, we would still like to hear from you.
Our commitment to providing a high quality new choice for southern D20 and the neighboring areas of D11 and D49 remains. But it will be up to the prospective families of the school to determine whether or not we will be successful. With 3 open seats on the D20 board this fall, it is very important that families who want this kind of choice for their kids make their voices heard. Whether it is at board meetings, email, phone calls, or the ballot box, the D20 board of education ultimately works for you, not the other way around, and they need instructions from time to time.

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