Meet the Board

Meet the Board

The following individuals make up a group alternatively called a Committee To Form, Organizing Committee, Board of Directors or School Board of the new charter school that will be known as New Summit Charter Academy.


Rick Van Wieren RE/MAX Properties
School Board Member: Rick Van Wieren

Rick Van Wieren is a 25-year resident of Colorado Springs, 20 of which have been involved with charter schools. Rick has previously served as a charter school board president, steering committee member, parent, and staff spouse at four different charter schools. Having raised five kids with his wife (a lifelong teacher herself), and now with seven grandchildren, he is passionate about making sure Colorado Springs families have great choices for the education of their children. Rick has a BA from Hope College in Holland MI, in addition to extensive marketing and sales studies.


Jennifer Reissig
School Board Member: Jennifer Reissig

Jennifer Reissig has lived in Colorado Springs for 33 years. As a student, she attended K-12 in Academy School District 20 and was in one of the first classes to attend Elementary, Middle, and High School in the district. She received her B.A. Degree in Social Science with an emphasis in Elementary Education and a Minor in Psychology in 2001. Teaching has always been a passion for Jennifer, which led her to teach 1st grade for 3 years at Roosevelt-Edison Charter School and 2nd grade for 9 years at The Classical Academy.  Jennifer brings 12 years of experience and involvement in Charter Schools to our Board of Directors.  Being familiar with the Core Knowledge Curriculum, Character Education, Literacy Instruction, Parent Communication, Assessment and the overview of being an Educator, she provides guidance to our team in these areas.


Ted Mische
School Board Member: Ted Mische

Ted Mische is a result-oriented, ethical professional with over twenty years expertise in the construction and maintenance of trails, service roads, and related infrastructure. He has completed construction of hundreds of miles of trails and service roads through cooperation with planners, volunteers, contractors, paid staff, vendors and intergovernmental agreements while maintaining minimal costs. Also, he has significant experience in project estimation, identifying and resolving design problems, material purchasing, logistical planning, staff training, personnel management and project management. Some of Ted’s strengths include: Team Building and Leadership, Construction Planning and Scheduling, Quality Control Management, Safety and Compliance Management, Organization and Time Management, Vendor and Materials Management, and Estimating and Job Costing. Ted is a very active community member and has served on various committees as a chairman as well a board member. He has also served in his daughter’s schools as a volunteer for over 100 hours every year from 2006-2012.  In addition to being involved in our community, Ted is also a business owner as well as a current student of U.S. Government and Civic causes.  Having knowledge in all of these areas Ted serves our Board and NSCA by reaching out to other community members and is an active voice for our school.


Eric Davis
School Board Member: Eric Davis

Eric Davis is a business owner in the Colorado Springs area and focuses on developing children, teenagers, and adults. He has started multiple businesses as well as a non-profit to serve his community. He has been involved in many different types of education including homeschool, private school, and public school and therefore understands the different inner workings of school systems, both good and bad. He has 2 young sons ages 6 and 2 and is passionate about developing people to their fullest potential. Eric’s main focus on the board is building the community, marketing, and helping create a culture of character development and a love for learning.


During the charter application and startup phase, if committee vacancies occur, the existing committee will appoint replacement members. After the school has been in operation for one year, an election process with staggered renewal terms will be used. This process will be designed to balance stability with accountability and representation of the parent base. If you are interested in being on the school board, please fill out our volunteer form.

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