How Literacy First Helps 4-6th Graders

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Often when we think of reading, our thoughts immediately go to young readers. But at New Summit Charter Academy, Literacy First has benefits for your intermediate elementary students as well. Here are three for you to consider.

Reading Buddies

At New Summit, older students will be reading to emergent readers on an ongoing basis. This advances everyone. The younger students hear what fluent reading sounds like, and the older students have the opportunity to practice their reading aloud. But perhaps the greatest benefit is the long-term relationship that students of differing grades develop over time.

Book Clubs

When older students participate in Book Clubs, they have an opportunity to enjoy a book with others. They can discuss concepts and characters, pick apart plots, and investigate the intricacies of an author’s writing. Reading a book is more fun and engaging with a group of peers!

Finding new friends…and heroes.

Considering the rich Core Knowledge curriculum at upper grades, intermediate students at New Summit can read about a great variety of people who have gone before. From Johann Sebastian Bach, Martin Luther, and Michelangelo to Socrates, Susan B. Anthony and Shakespeare, your older students will read about characters from history with unforeseen enjoyment. These remarkable past individuals will become new friends, and heroes to your New Summit students.


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