How YOU Can Help New Summit!

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Help New Summit

There are many people who are passionate about New Summit. Some serve on the board, some are founding families and volunteers, and others are the families who have already enrolled their kids. Many of you have asked us, “How can we help?” and while we know there are only so many hours in a day, we put together a small list of ideas on what each and every one of you can do to help.

Some of these may seem small, but we promise every bit counts! If you need a quick and easy way to show your support, please check out and share this list:

8 Ways to Help New Summit Charter Academy

1. Sign Up Your Kids.
Sign up your own kids for our school and go down to the D20 office to get them enrolled, today! Honestly, it is the single most important thing you can do.

2. Tell Your Friends About New Summit.
Start out small, pick three friends you think would love New Summit and send them to our website. Invite them to like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, or watch some of our videos on YouTube. You can also invite them to our next open house or to one of our coffee talks with the principal. Just check out our events page for more details.

3. Put Up a Yard Sign.
We have yard signs and another batch on order! Something simple as putting up one of our yard signs can go a long way in helping more people learn about New Summit. Once it’s up, share a picture of it with us by posting it on our Facebook page!

4. Buy a T-Shirt.
For $20, you or your kids can be walking ads, and the money goes to help extend our marketing efforts. We still have plenty t-shirts left in many sizes, just message our Facebook page to buy one. Take a photo of you wearing it and share it on our page!

5. Grab Some Brochures.
Need brochures? Just let us know, we’ll make more if we run out! Carry some brochures in your car, your purse etc. Think about places you could leave some at, maybe at your next restaurant meal, a doctor’s appointment, day care center, local gym, and anywhere else you frequent often. Share a photo on our page of where you’ve left them!

6. Interact With us on Social Media.
We want to hear from you! Comment, like, and share our social posts, newsletters, website address, and more!

7. Mention Us.
Please mention us anywhere you can. For example, got a group meeting (MOPS, Bible Studies, Weight Watchers, Boy/Girl Scouts, or work-related meetings)you’re involved in? Mention us at your next group meeting!

8. Check-In.
The next time you are at New Summit or at the D20 office, check in on Facebook and tag us! This lets other people easily know what you are doing and gets them interested in our school.

This past week’s information meeting really showed us how people are being reached and learning about our school. The top four ways people heard about us were:

  1. A friend told them.
  2. Facebook/Social Media
  3. They saw the signs at our building.
  4. Online searching.

While the school has all kinds of new advertising about to go live, let’s not forget these easy things we all can do to help for almost nothing!

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