Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each question or the plus sign to see the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Please check back often for more answers to questions you may have as we will be adding more information as time goes on. Thank you!

School Operations

What are the School Hours?

School hours will be from 8 am – 3 pm for grades 1-6. The first bell will ring at 7:55 and class will begin at 8:00 am. For morning Kindergarten students school will begin at 8:00 with the first bell at 7:55 and ending at 11:00. For PM Kindergarten school will begin at 12:00 and end at 3:00.

How Will Parents Be Involved at the School?

We plan to have a semester “budget” of hours for parents to volunteer for everything from reading to children to helping with lunch hours to helping pick up trash around the grounds of the school. Parents will be encouraged to visit their child’s classroom, and special events will be held where parents are invited and encouraged to be a part of the school day. There will also be committees, in addition to the normal PTO functions (such as staff appreciation, fundraising for library books etc) where parents will be able to get involved. For those parents who are unable to come to the school for various reasons, we will have home volunteering opportunities for you to participate in.

How Can I get Involved Right Now?

There is a lot of work that goes into getting a new charter school approved and up and running. The State of Colorado in their startup grant program recognizes this a bit, by allowing schools that end up having to run a lottery for seats (which is always a possibility), offer the first 20% of the openings to “Founding Families and Staff”. New Summit still has opportunities for Founding Families to be part of this “reserved seating” program, so if you think this is something you might be interested in, please fill out our Founding Family Form for more details and to sign up.

What is the Homework Policy?

New Summit has not approved an official policy on this yet.  We are wanting to collaborate with our board and staff to come up with a comprehensive policy that works for everyone. However, New Summit values family time and the importance of the balance of school and outside activities for students.  We recognize that students and families have many outside obligations from school.  But as part of teaching to the whole child, we want to make sure your kids have some room in their life for ‘life’. So whatever homework policy we end up with, it will be designed NOT to dominate your home life, but instead, give you and your child a chance to work together a bit to re-enforce what they are learning at school. However, the expectation will be that in addition to each class’ homework, parents will read to their child 5 nights a week for 20 minutes minimum, grades K-6.

What is the Drop Off and Pick up Process?

This will be determined as we get closer to the start of school. However, families will come in on Meadow Ridge Drive and leave turning right out of the school on Meadow Ridge Drive.

How Many Recess Times Will my Child Have?

Every student K-3 will have a morning and afternoon recess times which includes a lunch recess.  Students in grades 4-6 will have only an afternoon and lunch recess. This is not final and will be dependent on our scheduling for a literacy and math block in addition to a specials schedule.

What Will Specials be Like for My Child?

NSCA offers Art, Music, P.E., and Spanish for K-6th grade. Every student will have specials each day. The schedule for specials is to be determined.

What Will the Class Sizes be at New Summit?

Kindergarten will have 20 students, 1st grade will have 22, and 2nd-8th grade will have 25.

I See the School is Offering Pre-K-6 Grade This Year. What About 7th-12th Grade?

New Summit Charter Academy was approved for a K-8 school. We will have K-6 for the 18-19 school year and will be adding a grade level every year after. Our goal is to have approval for the high school by the 2020-2021 with a fall starting date of freshman by school year, 2021-2022.

Will Students be Required to Wear Uniforms?

Yes, we plan to have uniforms. Uniforms have been found to help with overall climate of respect, they foster more of a tendency to focus on faces, not clothing, and are surprisingly helpful in the overall clothing budgeting and wardrobe planning. With less focus on name brands and standing out, parents often can spend less on clothing. The detailed information on this is forthcoming.

Will New Summit Charter Offer a Pre-K Program?

Yes, we will open in the fall of 2018-2019 with a Pre-K program. This information is starting to be developed now and we will begin interviewing 3rd party providers as soon as we have full our full K-6 enrollment numbers.

Will New Summit Offer Clubs and Sports Activities?

Yes, we plan to offer clubs and sports activities, in our large gym across our campus located in the Xfinity center.  

Will There be School Buses?

Unfortunately, no, not at this time through the district transportation. However, we are working on a possible solution for this. More information to come.

Will You Have Hot Lunches?

Yes, eventually we will, however, we are seeking funding for a warming kitchen at this time. Students as of now, until we are able to get a warming kitchen, will need to bring their own lunches. We will also have a peanut table for those with peanut allergies.

How Will Kindergarten Work?

We will have both a half-day and full-day kindergarten. Full-day kindergarten is not state-funded, so there will be a fee estimated in the area of $2,500 per year for full-day students. Monthly payments can be made $312.50 per month beginning in August. We will also have a 20% discount for low-income families who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunches and we will have a 5% discount for families who want to pay the full amount by August 1st, 2018.

How is New Summit Going to be Different From The Classical Academy?

Please read a more detailed answer to this question on our blog.

Special Services

My Child Has an IEP or 504. Will He be Able to Attend and Receive the Appropriate Services, Intervention, and Classroom Differentiation that is Required?

YES. We will have Special Education, Literacy Intervention, AND classroom differentiation available for children who need it. Our charter application includes a provision and budget for this. We anticipate as many as 12% of our students may need services at some level. All IEP’s will be evaluated at the beginning of the school year with our Special Education team. We will be providing an inclusion model.

Will Your School Offer Dyslexic Reading Services Such as Take Flight?

As a matter of fact, our board chair’s wife, Holly was instrumental in our whole Literacy First approach, and she is Take Flight certified. She also does private tutoring for children who have dyslexic tendencies, whether or not they have been formally evaluated. We plan on full-time literacy interventionists who are Take Flight trained.

Note: It is not necessary for your child to have a formal evaluation of dyslexia in order for him/her to receive appropriate intervention support at New Summit. (see “How will my student be supported?” below)

Will you Have a Gifted and Talented program?

Yes, we will offer support and services for GT students who qualify and fully comply with any Advanced Learning Plan our students have. All ALP’s will be evaluated at the beginning of the school year through our MTSS process and evaluation.


What Curriculum Will You Be Using?

New Summit Charter Academy will be using the Core Knowledge Curriculum for grades K-8 including Core Knowledge Language Arts. For Math, we plan to use Singapore Math for at least early elementary and possibly one of the several Singapore Math programs for older kids. Naturally, we will be using the What Every Child Should Know series from the Core Knowledge Foundation for our overall scope and sequence, and we’ll be offering Spanish language, Music, Art, and PE. We plan to integrate technology where it can be effective, but not be technology focused.

What is Core Knowledge?

It is based on the writings of Professor E.D. Hirsch at the University of Virginia. The basic concept is that American school kids have a basic core of knowledge that they need to have to become truly functioning members of society. They just have not been getting it in the traditional school textbook model.

Fads, pop culture, and revisionist history are robbing our kids of the basic fundamentals. Core Knowledge Schools use the What Every Child Should Know scope and sequence for each grade.

What Does "Literacy First" Mean at New Summit Charter Academy?

It means our priority is to make sure each child can read, not only for enjoyment but so every student may access the other subjects like math, science, or history. ALL subjects are important in order to teach to the whole child. But without the ability to read, a student may not be able to fully connect with other fields of study.

What Will Character Education Look like?

We will be using, Open Sky Education Program, which follows the Core Knowledge curriculum. In addition to Open Sky, we will implement concepts from Capturing Kid’s Hearts to create a positive school culture in New Summit Charter Academy.  

How Will my Student be Supported if They Need Extra Help?

The first level of support will be in the classroom, where the teacher can differentiate instruction. This means the child may, for example, sit closer to the teacher during instruction, have shorter assignments, and be allowed additional time on tests and assignments. Each situation will be individually appraised to determine the best support in the classroom.

In addition, if according to the standardized testing (DIBELS and NWEA), teacher observations and class assessments, a student is determined to be below proficiency for his/her grade level, it may be determined that the student will qualify for additional support by an interventionist.

The student will be in class to receive instruction for the normal literacy block. But at another time of the school day, an interventionist will work with the child for an additional 30 minutes in a small group, using a state-approved, research-based intervention.

For the duration of this process, the student will be progress monitored to determine next steps, in order to optimize his/her learning.


Will Your Teachers be Licensed?

All teachers will be licensed and highly qualified.

How do I Apply to be a Teacher?

New Summit Charter Academy is currently collecting information for prospective employees for Fall 2018. Please fill out this form if interested.



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