Final Push Begins

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October 5 was New Summit’s first public hearing before the D20. Turnout was very good, we were given a chance to present the school, and District Accountability Committee presented their findings. No major issues were found by the DAC, and no major issues appeared to come up in the questioning.

Our next hearing before the D20 is October 19, 6pm at the D20 building at 1110 Chapel Hills, where we expect some additional questions may be asked, and a decision from the D20 board. These meetings are open to the public, and if you would like to present for 3 minutes on why YOU think they should approve us, we’d like to invite you to come! Our focus at this point is going to be get more students signed up, so if you’d like to learn more about the school, you can also come for a tour on October 14 from 10 to noon for a building tour and an information meeting with Q & A. If you’d like to enroll your K-6th grader for the Fall of 2018, please complete the form here:

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