Our Mission: To build a safe educational community that emphasizes a love of learning, and inspires and empowers students to reach New Summits.

At New Summit We Will …

  • Open in the Fall of 2018 as a K-6 Elementary, adding grade 7 in 2019 and grade 8 in 2020
  • Apply in 2019 to become a K-12 sometime after 2021
  • Hire licensed, highly qualified teachers to help the children ‘catch’ a Lifelong Love of Learning
  • Limit class sizes to no more than 25 students, with only 20 in Kindergarten and 22 in 1st Grade
  • Offer room for approximately 100 students per grade level
  • Have uniforms, so that teachers can focus on children’s faces and not their fashion statements
  • Offer both Full Day and Half Day Kindergarten so that parents who want this choice for their child can have it
  • Have a Preschool for ages 3-5 to help with Kindergarten readiness
  • Have an academically rigorous yet warm and caring environment for kids to learn in and find their love of learning
  • Encourage parents to be involved
  • Offer before and after school care to help working families
  • Educate the whole child
  • Foster a respectful and friendly atmosphere in which students and staff can thrive

At New Summit We Believe…

  • The future belongs to and will come from, the well-educated children of today.
  • In free choice, and that parents should be able to choose how to direct the tax money they spend on schools, to the education program of their choice for their children.
  • The choice of schools that are either overcrowded, underperforming or cut off from enrollment, are not choices at all.
  • A complete education should include the mind, body, and heart, and that critical thinking, reasoning skills, and a moral compass are just important, and perhaps more so, than the mastery of simple facts.
  • Children will learn the best in an environment that includes teaching fundamental principles of how to get along and resolve differences, through character education.
  • Teaching children the quality, time-tested, literature, art, and music of the past will equip them to develop the quality literature, art, and music of the future.
  • The parent is primarily responsible for the education of the child, and that public schools are accountable for giving viable choices to parents to assist in that endeavor.
  • All children can learn and deserve a positive, caring environment to do it in.
  • Success in education comes from raising what is expected of students, parents, and schools, not lowering it.
  • Early detection and remedy of learning difficulties is ultimately more cost effective and provides the best hope of success for children.
  • The ability to read and understand the English language is fundamental to success in our modern society.
  • A sound knowledge of science and mathematics is essential to maintaining and restoring America’s place in the world as innovator and inventor, and instilling this in children is the best possible defense against economic decay in our country.
  • We believe that a lifelong pursuit of knowledge is crucial to success in this rapidly changing world that we live in, and teaching children to love to learn is critical to causing that to happen.
  • Economic circumstances of parents should not preclude the ability to choose high-quality education for their children.

If much of this is what YOU believe, please visit https://newsummitcharter.org/admission/ and enroll today!

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